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No, the teacher is not an idealist. The teacher has expectations that the students will meet those expectations and that is part of teaching. If students are allowed to maintain at a lower level that is what they will do and not advance in learning. The teacher's job is to make sure that the students reach their highest level of learning and competence.

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Q: A teacher that expects all students to do their homework every night and ace every test is an idealist?
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If the highest achievers in a class are also the students from which the teacher expects the most what might a sociologist conclude?

The teacher's expectations are having an impact on the students achievement. - APEX

What can a teacher do to the people who forget their homework?

The teacher can give those students failing grades for that assignment.

What are some duties for a teacher?

To prepare lessons To give lessons To set homework To mark homework To maintain discipline in class To report on students progress To educate students.

Why is it important to do the homework?

You are telling the teacher you understood what she/he taught. It is practice and if you don’t understand something it tells the teacher that too. I corrected every paper/homework/ assignment my students did. I had a system and had my students follow it so I could correct their work.

What is a sentence with the word assign?

The teacher will assign homework to the students.

Should your teacher teach you if you didn't do the homework?

Yes, teachers should still teach students even if they haven't completed their homework. The main goal of teaching is to help students learn and understand the material, so teaching should continue regardless of homework completion. Teachers can find ways to engage students in the learning process, even if they did not complete their assignments.

Is a teacher allowed to give more homework to a specific student and not the other students?

Not unless you owe assignments

Why do teachers assign so much homework?

Teachers assign homework to reinforce learning, allow students to practice and apply what they've learned, and to help students develop discipline, time management, and study skills. Homework also serves as a way for teachers to gauge understanding and provide additional practice and feedback.

How much homework by law is a teacher allowed to give a student a night?

There is no specific law that dictates the amount of homework a teacher can assign. However, the general guideline is that students should have a reasonable amount of homework that is aligned with their grade level and age, and promotes learning rather than overwhelming them. Ultimately, the amount of homework should be manageable and reasonable for students to complete within a reasonable timeframe.

How do you explain in detail whether homework should be given to students?

Because homework is an extension of classroom learning, homework should be given. While students are overseen by the teacher when in school, having lessons to do at home allows them the opportunity to develop good study habits and responsibility that cannot be learned in school. Having homework also allows students to learn the material better.

What can a teacher do to help students with forgetfulness?

Have them write homework or things they need to remember in a notenook or something they can easily look at. (:

What does homework depend on?

It depends on many things: the class, the school, the teacher, the students, and the time of year (many schools don't give homework over holidays or breaks)