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(Apex Learning) The average person's voice may not be heard.

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Who started republic government?

The origins of the Republic system stem from neither Revolutionary France nor Ancient Rome. Ancient B.C. Greece was the founder of the Republic with philosophers, theorists and humanists contemplating methods of governance resulting in a balanced formation of the Republic.

Which theory of government states that a large group of people hold power?

In sociology and political science, elitist theory of government argues that power is held by a small group of people. Elite theorists included Elmer Eric Schattschneider, Thomas R. Dye, and James Burnham.

Name 4 political theorists that influence the US founders and basic principles of the Constitution?

Thomas Hobbes John Locke

What is a social contract theorist?

A social contract theorist was an Enlightenment Era philosopher who attempted to explain, ex post facto, how some individuals have the right to rule whole populations within a particular geographical area. Social contract theory is an intellectual device intended to give legitimacy to the state. Not all theorists would agree. Locke as example believed that a people can overthrow a government that fails to uphold its part of the contract or violates basic civil rights in governance.

Is there a star of david on the chairs that the representaives sit in in the house chamber?

No, this is an urban legend started by conspiracy theorists who claim Zionists and the Illuminati control the US Congress. In actuality, this refers to the ring of stars symbolizing the stars in the American flag placed above the head of the eagle in the United States symbol.

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According to social-conflict theorists who has the power in the power-elite model of government found in the US?

The upper class

According to social-conflict theorists, what is a problem in the power-elite model of government?

The average person's voice is not heard Hope this is helpful :)

What did the Gestalt theorists say about perception?

Gestalt psychology is the study of mind. Gestalt theorists suggest that a mind forms a globe whole according to their self organized thoughts. According to Gestalt theorists, perception is a product of interactions between various stimuli.

What is the term for people who think the government is evil and is trying to take over everything?

Conspiracy theorists.

According to conspiracy theorists what citys gnomes control the world economy?


Who is Tim Osman?

Tim Osman is the supposed identity of Osama bin Laden, according to conspiracy theorists.

Are conspiracy theorists merely paranoid?

In actually most Conspiracy theorists are people that have government or military backgrounds and they have been involved in operations that others would consider conspiracies. A conspiracy theorist is just the same as an investigative reporter or private detective. The closer the theorist get's to high level government conspiracies the more paranoid they become. This paranoia could be from the understanding of how powerful the government is and what it will do to cover up the conspiracy.

What are contributions of nursing theorists to development of nursing science?

nursing theorists and his contributions

How do learning theorists differ from social learning theorists in their ideas on behavior?

Learning theorists focus on the individual's direct experience with the environment, while social learning theorists also emphasize the influence of observing and modeling others. Learning theorists often prioritize reinforcement and conditioning, while social learning theorists highlight the role of cognitive processes and social interactions in shaping behavior.

What is an Elitist of government?

It argues that effective power is held by a small group of people - the elite. Elitist theorists disagree about exactly who makes up this elite. argues that effective power is held by a small group of people - the elite. Elitist theorists disagree about exactly who makes up this elite.

Who is the French theorists whom searched for natural laws to explain the economy?

One of the French theorists who searched for natural laws to explain the economy is Frédéric Bastiat. He was known for his work on economic principles and free trade, advocating for limited government intervention and protection of individual rights in economic matters. His famous essay, "The Law," argues against government interference in the economy.

What do conspiracy theorists believed happened in the first moon landing?

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the first moon landing was staged by the U.S. government as a hoax to win the Space Race against the Soviet Union. They claim that the footage and photos were filmed in a studio and that the astronauts never actually landed on the moon.