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Nothing Really. The Government Are The People That Should Be Stopping That But, If They Do It , Their's Nobody To Stop Them From Doing It. For Example , Parents Are Supposed To Protect Their Children From Any Kind Of Danger So , Parents That Abuse Their Children Delete The Purpose But, Since Their Are People That Are On A higher Level Than Parents , They Can Stop Parents From Doing That But, Their's Not Really Any One On Higher Level Than The Government (Besides God).

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The government is not allowed to take away the people's natural rights. If the government attempts to do so, the people may alter or abolish the government.

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The people have the right to overthrow that government

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Q: According to the Declaration of Independence if the government takes away people's natural rights?
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According to the Declaration of Independence what is one responsibility that the people have?

Abolish the government if it is violating their natural rights

What are the natural rights of the declaration of independence?

There are three natural rights according to the Declaration of Independence. They are: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

What is the purpose of government as described in the declaration of the independence?

To protect the natural rights of its citizens.

According to the Declaration of independence how can a king give a citizen natural rights?

HE Can't!

The Declaration of Independence states that the fundamental purpose of government is to?

secure for the people and their natural rights

The Declaration of Independence was unique because it marked the first time?

a government was going to recognize natural rights

How is the Declaration of Independence different to the us Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration does not list "estate" as a natural right. its wrong doe

What does The Declaration of Independence invokes the principle of?

The Declaration of Independence founded the US government on the principles of human liberty and consent of the governed. The Declaration of Independence announced that the thirteen American colonies would no longer be a part of the British Empire.

What does the declaration of independence state that the ideas of your government should be based on?

people have equal rights People have natural rights

What does the natural rights mean in the declaration of independence?

That the government should protect the rights of their citizens.

What were the ideas about government of the Declaration of Independence?

A. Having Separate rights from England.B. To protect natural rights.Actually it was that the government gets it's powers from the governed, that the government protects our natural rights and that if the government is abusing these powers it needs to be corrected or abolished.

What is a reason to have a government according to the declaration of independence?

According to the Declaration of Independence, the purpose of the government is to secure natural rights for the people. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration, borrowed this idea and many others from the work of political philosopher John Locke.