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Q: According to the authors no value in the American political culture is more revered than?
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What are the three political subcultures according to Daniel Elazar?

Moralistic, Individualistic, and Traditionalistic

How can the American political culture be described?


What has the author Alexander Zaitchick written?

Alexander Zaitchick has written: 'Common nonsense' -- subject(s): Biography, Political culture, Ignorance (Theory of knowledge), Radio personalities, Popular culture, Influence, American Authors, Political and social views, Mormons, Political aspects of Ignorance (Theory of knowledge), Conservatism, Television personalities, OverDrive, History, Nonfiction

What holds the American democracy together?

Political Culture

What is on of the commonly held ideals of American political culture?


On What does the American political culture place little value?

equality of opportunity

Who were two African-American authors who had a significant impact on American culture in the Modernist period of the twentieth century?

Richard Wright and Langston Hughes

Who was a French political scientist who wrote about American political culture in the early 19th century?

Alexis de Tocqueville

What has the author James Hoopes written?

James Hoopes has written: 'Consciousness in New England' -- subject(s): History, Psychology, Intellectual life, Puritans, Consciousness, Subconsciousness 'Van Wyck Brooks' -- subject(s): American Authors, Authors, American, Biography 'Corporate dreams' -- subject(s): Politics and government, History, Political ethics, Corporate culture, Leadership, Moral conditions, Business and politics, Case studies

Would be considered a customary (not in the Constitution) part of American political culture?

freedom of speech and press

What have some authors used in their writing to help explain the complex relationship of logic and superstition in Latin American culture?

magic and elements of the supernatrual

What is the importance of political culture to democracy?

relevancy of political culture