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The people decides. (By voting)

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Political culture broadly shares values, beliefs, and attitudes about how the government should function. American democracy emphasizes the values of liberty, equality, and democracy

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Individual Liberty

Majority Rule with Minority Rights

Free Elections

Competing Political Parties

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Q: What are the characteristics of American democracy that form political culture?
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What holds the American democracy together?

Political Culture

What is the importance of political culture to democracy?

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What are the primary elements in American political culture?

liberty, individual responsibility, equality, democracy, and civic duty

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How can the American political culture be described?


Is there anything original about American culture?

Yes, American culture is rich and diverse, with a unique blend of influences from various immigrant groups, indigenous peoples, and African traditions. From pop culture phenomena to political systems like democracy, American culture has produced original contributions that have had a significant impact on the global stage.

What is an American creed?

The dominant political culture in the United States consist of beliefs in individualism, democracy, liberty, property right, and religion, all tied together by the value of equality. This set of beliefs is known as the American creed.

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How did a strong economy give the us help spread American culture?

American leaders worked to to establish democracy and free enterprise in other countries to spread american culture! :)

The customs politics and languages that make a place unique are called its?

political characteristics