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relevancy of political culture

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Q: What is the importance of political culture to democracy?
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What holds the American democracy together?

Political Culture

What is the importance of political parties in the democracy?

Political parties help a democracy by keeping the country united. If there is a large political party ruling over, that party keeps the country united.

What are the characteristics of American democracy that form political culture?

The people decides. (By voting)

What has the author Geir Helgesen written?

Geir Helgesen has written: 'Democracy and authority in Korea' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Democracy, Political culture

What are the primary elements in American political culture?

liberty, individual responsibility, equality, democracy, and civic duty

What is political culture?

Beliefs and opinions people share about government and social responsibilities of the society they live in. Culture refers to the way of life of a given people,that is, the shared norms,values, beliefs and practices of that given society therefore i think political culture refers to the political norms i.e(constitutions),political values i.e(democracy,equality), political beliefs i.e(justice), and political practices i.e(elections) that shape peoples attitudes,opinion,behavior and the level of participation towards their political system. It is this perspective that leads me to look at the following aspects of political culture of a given society; a society that has either a participant political culture, subject political culture or a parochial political culture

What is the importance in the study of political science?

Like other disciplines,the study of political science has its relevance or significance. It imparts education for enlightened and active citizenship that is essential for making democracy a success

What ancient culture used democracy?

The ancient culture that used democracy was the Athenian civilization.

Is democracy the same as liberalism?

No. Democracy is a political party, liberalism in an overall political view.

Is Cyprus a democracy?

YesAccording to the Democracy Index they score a 7.7 out of 10 in making them a "Flawed Democracy" The Index score countries based on their Electoral Process, Pluralism, Government Function and Effectiveness, Political Participation (who gets to vote), Political Culture, and overall Civil Liberties.(True Democracies score an 8 or higher on the Index)

True-false The greek culture was the birth of democracy?

True. Athenian democracy was the most pivotal and significant example, but many other Greek cities, such as Corinth, Megara, and Syracuse also had democratic political systems.

Descibe what an indirect democracy is?

Indirect Democracy Indirect Democracy is a political process in which the PEOPLE control the government through elected political officials.