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It is made by the government so it is more democratic (since they where voted in and this is a democratic country), so it is what thegeneral population want.

It is usally what the general population want.

There is a lot of senior people in the government that know what there doing and all the technicalities of makeing a new law.

They have a green paper a lot of the time in primary legislation witch gets the general population and auidince they are makeing the law on opionons.

Goes through a lot of stages (first reading, committe, report ect) to make sure they are no flaws in it although when there is a law passed quickly there can be mistakes (like the dangerous dogs act 1991witch was a order in council).

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Advantages of Primary Legislation It is made by the parliament and can not be controlled by other parties meaning no ministry is authorized to alter it. It is usually bond by the constitution It is rigid and reliable straight forward.

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Q: Advantages of primary legislation
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What is similaries and differences between primary and secondary legislation?

Primary legislation is laws created by a legislative body, such as acts of parliament, while secondary legislation is created under the authority of primary legislation to provide detailed regulations or rules. Both types of legislation have legal force, but secondary legislation cannot go beyond the powers granted by the primary legislation. Secondary legislation is also often more flexible and can be amended more easily than primary legislation.

Difference between legislation and delegated legislation?

Primary legislation is the legislation which has been passed by elected leaders, such as Parliament or Congress. Delegated legislation is rules and regulations which is set by the civil service, which cannot override Primary Legislation.

What is the difference between primary legislation and delegated legislation?

Primary legislation is laws enacted by a legislative body, such as an act of parliament, that outlines broad principles and establishes legal frameworks. Delegated legislation, on the other hand, is legislation made by authorities or bodies other than the legislature and is used to fill in the details or provide specific regulations under the primary legislation.

Advantages and disadvantages of price legislation?

what is the advantages and disadvantages of price legistlation

Advantages and disadvantages of primary cells?

what are the advantages and disadvantages primary cells?

What is the primary legislation covering securities markets in the U.S.?

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 is the primary legislation covering the securities markets.

What are the advantages and dis advantages of legislation?

Some advantages of legislation are that it helps to make the legal process more fair and it takes the will of the people into consideration. The disadvantages are that everyone will not aways agree and the results directly affect everyone.

What is delegation legislation?

Sometimes referred to as secondary legislation or subordinate legislation - is a law made by an executive authority under powers given to them by primary legislation in order to implement and administer the requirements of the acts.

Is an open primary a way citizens can propose legislation?

No, an open primary is a type of election where voters can choose which party's primary to participate in, but it does not allow citizens to propose legislation. Initiatives and ballot measures are commonly used methods for citizens to propose legislation.

What legislation primary governs gst?

ted to real property,obligations or rights

Is The Privacy Act of 1974 is the primary legislation that protects PII today?


The Privacy Act of 1974 is the primary legislation that protects PII today?