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No, every country should be free to choose they type of government they want. Democracy does not necessarily bring prosperity.

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Q: All countries should be democratic Do you agree?
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What other countries like the US are democracies?

Democracy varies. Some countries are more "democratic" than others. However, as a rule, ALL of the members of the European Union (EU) have to be democratic. Also, most (if not all) of the countries of the Caribbean and Latin America are democracies now. The former British colonies of Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also democracies. Finally, several important countries in Asia are currently democratic including India, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. In Africa, South Africa and Tunisia are both democracies. There are many countries which claim to be "democratic" but are actually not democratic. A good example is the "Democratic Republic of Korea" (North Korea) which is not democratic at all. Russia also claims to be a democracy but it is not regarded as a "free and fair" democracy because not all the candidates in their elections have the same chances of winning.

If the US Constitution works so well why do all countries not adopt it?

Not all countries are democratic. The world is filled with many different forms of government and some are good while others aren't.

Why do democratic governments insist on institutions?

democratic government insist on institutions as it is not practical for all people of democratic government to sit together everyday and take decisions on all matters .Institutions coordinates and distributes work in such a way that everything works out nicely.

What did all abolitionists agree about?

End slavery

What does abolitionists all agree about?

The end of slavery-

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Was the west democratic from 1945-50?

Yes, all the western countries were democratic.

Are all countries in the world democratic?

Absolutely NOT.

What are the non-democratic countries in Africa?

The only country in Africa with a non-democratic form of government is Swaziland. All the other countries are either republics or constitutional monarchies, which are both democratic governments.

How many countries in north America have democratic government?

All of them

Name of all the non democratic countries in Africa?


Why don't all countries use the same money?

This would be great if all the countries could agree but they can't.

Are all the countries in Latin America democratic?

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Do you agree that young children should be exposed in pornographic matrials?

We all agree that they should not.

What kind of European Union countries member government?

All European Union countries have democratic governments.

Are Japan United Kingdom and Spain democratic countries?

Yes, all three are parliamentary constitutional monarchies and are considered 'democratic'.

Does Canada have elections?

Yes we have elections for all government representatives like all democratic countries.

Do Scottish people have rights?

They have the same rights as the inhabitants of all democratic countries.