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Q: Amend means the same as ratify obey alter uphold repeal?
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How do you use amend in sentence?

Please amend your essay. Amend means to alter or correct something. So, in this sentence, someone (most likrly the teacher) wants you to alter or correct your essay.Here's another example:I had to amend the categories for this question because they were wrong.

What five letter word means change?

Alter or amend

What is a meaning of amend?

change, adjust, alter, modify or revise

What terms describes an assembly of representatives that has the power to create alter or repeal laws?


What is another word for edit out?

Synonyms for edit:correct, revise, improve, change, alter, amend

What are synonyms for amend?

change, improve, reform, fix, correct, repair, edit, alter

What is another scientific word for change that is 5 letters?

alter, adapt, amend, delta

How do you round 3000 to the nearest thousand?

You leave it exactly as it is! Do not alter, amend or edit it in any way!

What does Leave to amend complaint mean?

It is a request for the court to grant permission to change or alter the complaint.

What is the difference between the words amend and emend?

emend means to make improvement or correction in text only,while amend means to alter,rephrase,to remove or correct faults.

Who can amend the Constitution?

There are two entities that can amend the Constitution:Constitutional Amendments are typically a joint venture between Congress and the states. Either the House of Representatives or the Senate may propose an amendment. The measure must receive a favorable vote from two-thirds of both houses of Congress, and is then sent to the states for ratification. In order for the amendment to be added to the Constitution, three-fourths of the state legislatures must ratify the amendment within a reasonable period of time. Congress determines the definition of "reasonable," but seven years is a common time frame.Article V of the Constitution provides that the Constitution may also be amended if the states call a constitutional convention, draw up an amendment, and ratify it by a "yes" vote of three-fourths of the convention. The last time the US held a constitutional convention was 1787, when the US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

What is a synonym for modify?

Amend is another word meaning change is Coins/ Apexs