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George Rogers Clark

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George R. Clark

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George R. Clark

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Q: American frontiersman who gained control of the Ohio river valley by driving the british out?
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Heights from which colonial forces bombarded Boston driving out the british soldiers?

The colonials bombarded the British from Imacheater Heights just East of Concord.

How did Americas ally France contribute to the victory at Yorktown?

The French war fleet prevented a British warship rescue of British troops in Yorktown. Washington's army blocked any land escape, so without France's aid, the American Revolution could have been a failure.

The results of the battle of saratoga?

In 1777, during the Revolutionary War, the American defeat of British (and allied) invaders at Saratoga resulted immediately in a more secure northern front in the American bid for independence. More largely, it resulted in aid from overseas: French military assistance, as well as a formal alliance with France, eventually followed, which contributed greatly to the final American victory in the war.

Which factor self-interest or idealism was more important in driving American foreign policy in the years 1895-1920?

American ideology went from the once prudent course of action encouraged by the Founding Fathers in terms of involvement in international matters to an ideology that fostered the spread of freedom and democracy around the earth under the Progressive Woodrow Wilson administration.

How did princess grace die?

Injuries received in an automobile accident, the exact details that have not been fully elucidated. There is some evidence that the Princess, if driving the vehicle, may have suffered a stroke behind the wheel, precipitating the crash. Another angle has it Stephanie was driving the auto. There are plenty of unanswered questiions. It is known she did sustain heavy head injuried which required, for her viewing, that she be dressed in a Wig.

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Why did the native American hate and fear the colonist?

They didn't get along because the British colonists were always expanding out west into native American territory.

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Did Harrison's rebellion accomplish anything?

Harrison's Rebellion, also known as Pontiac's War, did not achieve its goal of driving the British out of the Ohio Valley. The rebellion was eventually suppressed by British military forces, resulting in the signing of the Treaty of Fort Niagara in 1764, which led to increased British control over the region.

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