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Q: Approximately how many government employees are appointed by the president?
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Is anyone appointed in the executive branch of government?

Both the vice president and the presidential cabinet are chosen by the president. Everyone else is elected by the people with the exception of supreme court justices and a select few other government employees.

What branch of Government has members that are appointed but not elected?

The judiciary branch is the only branch of government that is appointed. The President appoints members for life.

A region not admitted to the Union as a state but by a government appointed by the president-?

washington D.C.

Who was appointed president of Texas be the ad interim government?

Sam Houston

What government position was Alston Correll appointed to?

In August 1993 Correll was appointed to the President's Council on Sustainable Development.

Who were civil service employees under early American president?

generally appointed based on political connections (apex)

This cabinet member is appointed by the president to lead the justice department and to act as the chief lawyer for the us government?

The United States Attorney General, appointed by the President, acts as the chief lawyer for the government. The position was created in 1789.

Why is it the duty of the President to be sure that all federal employees perform the duties of their job?

Because - ultimately, the President is responsible for the actions of all government employees.

What federal is made up of all executive branch employees?

The White House cabinet is made up of all executive branch employees. The cabinet is made up of 15 advisors to the president is all are appointed by the president.

What is the president's removal power and why is it controversial?

The removal power refers to the power of the President to remove non-elected government employees from their jobs. The power is controversial because of several factors. One is that federal judges serve for life, unless impeached by Congress. However, other positions such as the Fair Trade Commission have judicial powers, even if they are not judges. Can the President remove them? If the president wants to remove a lower-level employee that he did not appoint, but the supervisor of that employee does not want to remove him, can the President remove the supervisor ? Can the President remove government employees appointed by Congress, such as a special prosecutor?

This government appointed group was set up to investigate president kennedys death?

The Warren Commission was appointed by the government to investigate Kennedy's assassination. They concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president, but there are still many more sinister theories.

A region not admitted to the Union as a state but by a government appointed by the president?

A territory is a region not admitted to the Union as a state but by a government appointed by the president.