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Attorney General


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Q: Which government official is elected at the state level but appointed by the president at the federal level?
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Which government official is appointed and not elected by the U. S. citizens?

Which government official(s) is appointed and not elected by the U. S. citizens?

Which government official(s) is appointed and not elected by the U.S. citizen?

There is a vast body of government officials known as the civil service, whose members are appointed rather than elected. Judges are appointed, rather than elected.

Which president was the highest elected official in the US?

The president is the highest elected official in our government. Currently the highest elected president is Barack Obama. He is the first black elected president in the United States.

What is the president of Bangladesh?

The president of Bangladesh is an elected official who heads the government.

What branch of Government has members that are appointed but not elected?

The judiciary branch is the only branch of government that is appointed. The President appoints members for life.

Are you elected as a president or appointed?


What is the relationship between elected and appointed officials?

An "elected" official faces the voters and runs for election by popular vote. An "appointed" official does not have to be elected by the voters, they are hired/employed by an arm or agency of government to fill a vacancy for a specific needed skill or expertise.

What government officials are appointed and not elected by the US citizens?

A government official in an other country.

What state official is appointed rather than elected?

The county official that is elected rather than appointed will depend upon the county. Each county has their own rules of who is elected and/or appointed.

When was Francois Fillon elected?

François Fillon is the French prime minister. This is not an elected position, as you are appointed by the president to form the government.

What president was never elected to a government office before becoming president?

All presidents have been elected to some government office, but Gerald Ford was the only one who was never elected as vice president or president. He did serve as a congressman, but was appointed, not elected, as vice president by Richard Nixon and took office after Nixon's resign without election.

Who are the elected White House officials?

The only elected members of the executive branch of the US government are the president and the vice-president. The cabinet and the white house staff are all appointed by the president, with confirmation by the Senate.