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It depends. If the leaf is on a really small, thin piece of wood that extends from a tree that is less than an inch thick, the leaf is on a twig. If it is on a piece of wood extending from a tree that is thicker than an inch, it is considered to be on a branch.

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Q: Are leaves on a branch or a twig?
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Finger is to hand as branch is to leaf or twig or bark or tree?

Branch is to tree. In both cases, the first term is a part of the second term. A finger is part of a hand just as a branch is part of a tree.

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Do live oak trees have whorled leaves?

They shouldn't. Whorled leaves would all have their petioles attached at the same level on the branch. Although oak leaves are called "alternate," implying that every other leaf petiole is attached on the opposite side of the twig or branch from the one above, it's not quite that simple. Oak leaves generally are arranged so they attach at one of five locations if the twig or branch is viewed end-on. From a distance this arrangement can appear whorled, but if you look closely from the side you'll see that the attachment points for the leaf petioles are at different levels along the twig (this becomes clearer away from the growing tip).

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What is a hickory twig?

The smallest, ending part of a branch to a hickory tree [Carya spp] and a means by which the tree may be identified in winter are what a hickory twig is. When the tree is leafed out, the twig has leaves growing out of alternating leaf buds up and down its sides. It's also the location of the tree's flower and fruit.

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