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Generally, elected.

If there is an opening before the end of that Justice's eight year term, the Governor can appoint a replacement for that slot. However, the appointee must run in the next election to fulfill the remainder of the eight year term.

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Q: Are the Supreme Court judges elected or appointed for the state of Michigan?
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How are judges appionted in the US?

supreme court justices are appointed by the president' state judges are either elected or appointed by the governor

Why are supreme court justices and federal judges appointed and not elected?

Because if they were elected the judges might not make fair decisions. They might favor the people who voted for them

Are governors appointed by the President of the US and confirmed by the Supreme Court?

No, governors are elected by the people of a state. Federal judges are appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress.

Who elects the judges who serve in the juvenile proceedings?

Inferior courts generally are all courts below the Supreme Court. Judges may be elected or appointed, and when they are elected, they are elected by the voters of the district in question.

What branch of the US government is run by officials who are appointed rather than elected?

In the US, officials that are elected by the people are the US presidency, senators and Representatives. The US Supreme Court has its members nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate.

How can you be elected for the Judicial branch?

Local judges are generally elected, but federal judges are appointed.

How are judges picked in Canada?

Judges in Canada are appointed and not elected.

Are Kentucky circuit court judges elected or appointed?


Are Illinois state judges appointed or elected?

Judges may be appointed by the governor to fill a vacancy until the term is up for election, but normally they are elected.

Do all Texas judges serve for life?

yes None do. All Texas judges are elected. Judges on the Texas Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and Court of Appeals are elected for six year terms. Texas District Court, County Court, and Justices of the Peace are elected for four year terms. Municipal Court judges (who have very limited powers) are either elected or appointed depending on the city's charter. This is in contrast to federal judges, most of whom are appointed for life, except for Bankruptcy Court judges who are appointed for 14 year terms, and Federal Magistrates who are appointed for eight year terms.

Are Virginia's supreme court judges elected or appointed?

In Virginia, judges of ALL courts are elected by the Virginia House and Senate, and not by the public at large. In the event of a vacancy in the Supreme Court, the Governor may appoint a justice to serve until the next session of the General assembly, when a vote will take place.

Are county judges appointed by the senate?

County judges don't appoint Supreme Court justices. At the federal level, they are nominated by the President and confirmed by a simple majority vote of the Senate.