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Q: Area of land under control of government?
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What is land under control of the government called?

Federal Land i.e. national parks, federal buildings

What is a land region under the control of one government called?

The answer is Capital :D This Will Help You On Your Homework!

What is a definition for territory?

Territory refers to a specific area of land or water that is under the control of a particular individual, group, or country. It can be used to denote boundaries, ownership, or jurisdiction over a certain geographical area.

Name the south-american country with the smallest land-area.?

Falkland Islands is the smallest country in South America. It has total land area of 12,173 sq km (4700 sq mi). It is under the control of England.

Under which type of economic system does the government own and control all the land factories banks and transportation facilities of a country?


What is the specific meaning of the phrase national park?

A National Park is a specific area of land that the Federal Government has set aside for the use and enjoyment of all citizens under the protection of the government.

What is an area of land possessed by a national government?


Fight for control what does it mean?

It means you fight for control over land or power of an area.

What happend in district six in south Africa?

District Six was a largely "coloured" and black residential area on the outskirts of the city of Cape Town. The land was expropriated by the (then) Nationalist government under the Group Areas Act - basically what is referred to as the "apartheid" government. Most of the area was demolished for future city expansion. The residents were forcibly removed and relocated sometimes without compensation. Under the new (ANC) government the original claimants to the land (under the Land Restitution Court) have been traced and compensated although certain cases are still pending.

Can the government take farm land which is owned by someone and use it to build a new road?

Yes. The government can take a farm land for new road under the land acquisition act or under the doctrine of eminent domain.

Should the Government manage the economy?

No it should not. there is no way that a government could get control over the complexity's that make any economy work. that does not mean however that some economic factors should not be overseen by the government to make sure that they are legal under the law of the land.

How do you drain a watershed?

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place. Tampering with it may subject you to government enforcement and/or lawsuit.