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Q: What is a land region under the control of one government called?
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What is a bishop's territory called?

The region under a bishop's control is called a diocese.

What is a region designated by Congress and organized under a governor called?

A region designated by Congress and organized under a governor is called a territory. Territories are areas that are not yet admitted as states but are under the jurisdiction and control of the federal government. The governor acts as the executive authority in the territory, overseeing its administration and governance.

What region were under Spain's control?

southern region

What is government control over a service or industry called?

the dog lives under the shoe

What is the government of the mortlock islands?

The Mortlock Islands is considered part of Papua New Guinea and is under control of The Autonomous Region of Bougainville and PNG.

What is the benefits of government?

a country or state can be under control and have laws. but a country that doesnt have laws or not even a government is called an anarchy state.

What is land under control of the government called?

Federal Land i.e. national parks, federal buildings

Which region was under the control of the Soviet Union?

eastern Europe

What do you call a settlement ruled by a government in another country?

A settlement that is ruled by a government in another country is called a colony. The original thirteen colonies were under the control of the British government.

What region were under Inca control?

Machu Piccha

Iraq came under control of what country?

None there is not a country under control its independent but is protesting for better government

What are government corporations under the control of?

executive branch