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Yes, a former judge could run for president. I am not sure that a judge would even have to resign before running, but maybe so. I can not think of a judge who has been considered as a presidential candidate or that the question has come up.

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Q: Can a judge run for President if they resign?
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If a judge has to resign he should give his application to whom?


How long does a president's cabinet run for?

Cabinet members serve at the President's discretion. They serve until they are asked to resign by the President or until the President who appointed them leaves office or until they voluntarily resign for personal reasons.

Can a representative become a president candidate?

Yes, he can if he meets the requirements to be President. A congressman does not have to resign to run for another office/

Does a governor have to resign before running for president?

No, so long as they fulfill their duties as governor they can run for president in their spare time.

Was Richard Nixon the only President to resign as President?

Yes, Nixon was the only president to resign.

Can the president of the United States be the governor?

No. He must resign any other offices before he is sworn in as President. He can run for President while he holds another office.

Was Abraham Lincoln the first president to resign his office?

Lincoln didn't resign, he was assassinated. Nixon was the first and only president to resign.

Who is the only president ever to resign?

Richard Nixon is the only president of the U.S.A to resign and not complete his term as president.

Can president run for other offices?

The President can not hold any other offices while he is president. (I suppose he could run for some other office and then resign one of them if he is elected to both. This will never happen for several reasons. )

If a judge has to resign who should he give his application to?

The Chief Judge of the circuit in which he sits.

Why did Richard Nixon resign the office of president?

why did richard nixon resign the offecer of president

How the speaker of lok sabha resign?

He give his resign to the president of India