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Did congress have the power to manage foreign affairs

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Q: Can the federal government make states obey its laws?
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Explain how the federal government uses grants to increase its influence over the states?

The federal government can't make the states change their laws, but they use grants as incentive for the states to make the states laws what the federal government wants. They offer grants for the roads for states to change the speed limit on highways to 65 mph.

Can states make laws that don't agree with the US constitution?

no, because the constitution has federal laws, and federal government > State Governemnt

Should the states have the power to make their own laws today?

The states already have the power to make their own laws today. However, if it conflicts with laws passed by the federal government, the federal laws are supposed to supersede the states laws. Their has always been a conflict concerning states rights as opposed to federal laws. A current example is laws passed by various states legalizing recreational use of marijuana. According to the federal government, its use is still illegal. A more recent example (2017) are regulations involving deportation of illegal immigrants by the federal government being countered by local governments refusing to comply.

How is the power divided between the federal government and the states?

The powers that are not directly given to the federal government in the constitution fall in the hands of the state government. However, there is the elastic cause which allows the federal government to make laws as they deem necessary for the best interests of the government.

What power did the civil war question?

The Civil War raised the question of states' rights. The power of the federal government to make laws affecting the states and territories, and the power of the federal government to force states to remain in the union, were key ideas.

What branch makes laws in the government?

The Legislative Branch of the United States Federal Government makes the laws. The Senate and the House of Representatives (Congress) make up the Legislative Branch.

What can Constitutional powers be classified as?

Constitutional powers can be classified as federal powers only. The Constitution does not give the right to the federal government to make laws in individual states.

Is congress exempt from laws they pass?

Congress is not exempt from the laws they pass. Laws passed by the federal government apply to all citizens of the United States, even the people who make them.

Could the federal government make the states obey its laws?


What kind of laws can the federal government not make?

making money

What kind of laws can the federal government make?

making money

Which branch of the federal government has the power to make laws?

the legislative branch