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No, it is not the constitution that taxes citizens, it is the government. The text of the constitution (of which ever country you are from - you did not specify) will however allow the government to tax citizens.

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Q: Can the state constitution tax citizens?
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True or false the US Constitution says Americans must pay taxes?

False. The constitution states that the government has to power to tax citizens, but it does not state clearly that those citizens must pay the taxes. It also goes on to state "Duties, Impost and Excise". It dose not state to place any direct taxes upon the citizens, that constitutes "involuntary servitude" (SLAVERY) clearly in conflict with the United States Constitution.

How can we prove to be good citizens?

To be good citizens, you have to be obedient to the laws. The laws are in the constitution and paying your tax when due.

What is A state tax on purchases made by the state's citizens from vendors outside of the state is called?

it is a mail order tax....

What level of government can tax citizens?

federal and state.

Is Serbia a state or city?

No. By it's constitution, Serbia is state of it's citizens.

Why are churches tax exempt?

Tax is exempted because churches teach d citizens morals dat is also found in constitution

What was the importance of the New York state constitution?

It creates the covenant between the citizens and the State Government.

Where must new tax laws be submitted?

Federal tax laws must be submitted in the House of Representatives. Requirements for state and local tax laws depend on the state constitution and the state laws.

Where in the Constitution does it stipulate that citizens of one state are citizens of all the states?

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4

What do citizens in a democracy do?

That depends on the State's constitution, if it has one. But in a pure, absolute democracy, all citizens are granted the right to vote.

What legal action eliminated the poll tax?

The Poll Tax was abolished by the 24th Amendment to the U.S Constitution. The Poll Tax was a tax that citizens paid prior to voting. Often, the tax was used to prevent to the poor from voting, as they could not afford the tax.

Where can one find state tax help?

State tax help can be found locally from the state tax office. Senior citizens can receive free help from AARP or from VITA volunteers. Help may also be found online at Turbo Tax.