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No christoper was to young.

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Q: Chris cullumbus married queen Isabella
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Who married queen Isabella?

King Ferninand married Queen Isabella

Who was queen Isabella' husband?

Queen Isabella's husband was King Ferdinard of Aragon.

What year did Queen Isabella get married?

Queen Isabella I (Isabella the Catholic) got married to King Ferdinand V in 1469.

Isabella was queen of what when she married Ferdinand?

Isabella was Queen of Castile and Leon

Was Queen Isabella 1 married?

Yes. Isabella I was married to Ferdinand II of Aragon.

Which prince of argon in 1469 married Queen Isabella?

Ferdinand of Aragon married Isabella of Castile in 1469.

Who did queen Isabella marry?

she married king Ferdinand II of Aragon

Isabella was the queen of when she married Ferdinand?


Isabella was Queen of?

Queen Isabella I was the queen of Castile in Spain. She married Ferdinand of Aragon, so they ruled their kingdoms together.

Who and how many marriages did queen Isabella have?

Isabella married once and it was with King Ferdinard II.

Who was married to Queen Isabella?

Ferdinand of Aragon

When was Queen Isabella I of Castile Leon married?

Queen Isabella I married King Ferdinand II of Aragon on October 14, 1469. HOWEVER, NEITHER ONE ruled the kingdom(s) of the other.