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"Patriots" was the name given to the Colonists who fought for independence.

Loyalists aka. "Tories", were those Colonists who remained "loyal" to King George III i.e. England.

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Colonists that fought against the British were called "Patriots"

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Q: Colonists who fought were called?
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What werethe colonists called who fought against the british?


What british called colonist that fought?

The British called the colonists who fought against them during the American Revolution "rebels" or "patriots".

What was fought by the colonist before the Revolutionary War?

No one really fought the colonists because before the revolution, because the colonies were part of England. Only once the Colonists were independent, could they be called America. But the Colonists could have fought among themselves.

Who fought with the colonists against the british?

The French fought with the colonists, and the Spanish helped somewhat as well

The German soldiers who fought with the British against the colonists were called?

The Hessian Soliders

Are they colonists who fought for the british?


Who did the Loyalists fight for?

Loyalists fought for the British because they were loyal to the crown. The colonists who were rebelling were called Patriots.

Colonists fought to win their?


Frenchman who fought for the colonists?


Which Indian leader fought colonists?


Who was the polish aristocrat who fought on the of the colonists?

Casimir Pulaski

Colonists fought to win what in the American revolution?