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Q: Compare and contrast the post-colonial governments of India and Egypt?
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Compare and contrast the rome and Egypt civilization?

Polythism, in Europe... can't think of more.

What is the contrast ancient Egypt and modern Egypt?

go to :P

Compare and contrast the use of technology in Egypt Mesopotamia and the Indus River Valley?

im not ganna do ur ap world assignment 4 u... but when u get the answer tell me lol

What countries have unstable governments?

Sadly, there are several countries that have unstable governments. A few of the countries are Turkey, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Which has more people living in it Los Angeles or Egypt?

You can't compare a country to a city. Pick a city in Egypt you want to compare Los Angeles to.

What did the governments of Babylon Egypt and israel have in common?

They all had Kings and Pharaohs

Compare between ancient Egyptian trade and modern Egypt trade?

no it is tooo hard to compare

What did ancient Egypt governments do?

The government of ancient Egypt was the pharoah. They used religion and the army to govern their empire. They were seen as living gods.

What can you compare the SPHINX to?

A pyramid because they are both ancient and in Egypt

Why should i go to Egypt?

Because it is the best country in the world and is bursting with history, beauty and contrast.

What three pairs of contrast that describe ancient Egypt?

Some contrasts about ancient Egypt are: Hot days and chilly nights Upper and Lower Egypt Black Land and Fted Land The Nile cutting Egypt in half, but also joining Upper and Lower Egypt

How was the democracy of Athens different from the governments led by the pharaohs of Egypt and the kings of Mesopotamia?

how was the democracy of athens different from goverments led by the pharaohs of egypt and the kins of mesopotamia