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Sadly, there are several countries that have unstable governments. A few of the countries are Turkey, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

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Q: What countries have unstable governments?
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The unstable governments in many South American countries are led by whom?

The unstable governments in many South American countries can be led by various individuals or factions, including authoritarian leaders, weak or corrupt politicians, military juntas, or even criminal organizations. The specific leaders can vary across countries and periods of time.

How did colonization affect Africa?

It increased ethnic tensions in Africa. It created diversity in African nations It created many unstable governments.

What is Italy's political stability?

Italian governments have been known to be unstable, and it has had a lot more general elections than most countries.

Are Collusion and cartels are unstable in the long run due to Government regulation?

In many places where the cartels are in full power, the government has no control. Collusion and cartels are not unstable because in many countries, they have overtook the central governments.

Why were many Africans governments unstable gaining their independence?

some governments experienced corruption and poor planning. also, many government leaders were taking the countries profits and putting them into their own personal foreign banks.

How do unstable governments in the Middle East impact other countries around the world?

Because America wants oil from Libya, why arent they intervening in Bahrain or Syria cause they dont have oil

How are conflicts too often decided in unstable governments?

In unstable governments, conflicts are often decided by whomever is able to obtain the most power. Whoever holds the most power is able to crush/curtail the opposition and stay in power.

Many politically unstable governments faced what threat?

Republicans and terrorist Coup d'etat

Why did coalition governments prove unstable?

D - they can't agree on issues and the government can be defeated

The property tax is not popular with state and local governments because it is so unstable?


What has caused the governments to become unstable in latin America?

their ideas of authoritarianism and other ideas they have

Particularly during the 1960s many politically unstable governments faced what threat?

coup d'etat