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Veto it.

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Q: Congress has passed a law forbidding freedom of religion for anyone other than Protestants What can the President do to check Congress?
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What religion includes Catholics and protestants?

Catholics and Protestants are both part of Christianity.

What religion were the Tennessee colonists?

They were Protestants.

Who died for their religion duringthe reformation?


A right granted by the first amendment?

The first amendment forbids Congress to make no law establishing religion or prohibiting freedom of speech or the press, or forbidding the peaceable assembly of people, or the right of the people to partition the government.

In France the war of religion was between?

The Catholics and the Protestants.

What is the most distinct christian religion?

Christianity is a religion. There are different denominations though, and Protestants and Catholics.

When were all the protestants burned because of their religion?

The buning of protestants started in 1555 England with Mary I.

Do protestants think that it's a good idea to die for religion?


What religion was Ireland after the Reformation?

It would have had a mix of Catholic and Protestants.

Which religion is bigger In North America Catholic or Protestants?


What is congress forbidden to establish?

The First Amendment forbids Congress from establishing a religion the way England did when it created the Anglican Church.

What is the second biggest religion in California?

Evangelical Protestants 18 % of the population