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Does any one ever win a Battle

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Q: Did American forces win the battle of Chu Lai?
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What was the effect on the civilians during the My Lai Massacre?

The 347 to 504 unarmed civilians of South Vietnam in the Son Tinh village were killed in cold blood my U.S. soldiers. Some were sexually assaulted, tortured, mutilated, and beaten. The United States civilians greatly motivated the antiwar movement upon hearing of the incident.

What event happened in 1968?

* North Korea seizes US Navy ship Pueblo; holds 83 on board as spies (Jan. 23). * North Vietnamese launch the Tet Offensive, a turning point in the Vietnam War (Jan.-Feb.). * American soldiers massacre 347 civilians at My Lai (March 16). Background: Vietnam War. * Czechoslovakia is invaded by Russians and Warsaw Pact forces to crush liberal regime (Aug. 20).For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section indicated below.

What are facts about the Lim chui lai v Zeno Ltd case?

facts for this case: chairman for board of director for Zeno Ltd made a contract with Malay contractor named Ahmad.while Ahmad had a contract with Petaling Jaya Authority.Zeno bought all the materials needed by Ahmad for construction of culverts.then,Zeno came to know that Petaling Jaya Authority had cancelled their contract with Ahmad.once Zeno made attempt to sell the materials,they came to know that the materials had been sold to the appellant by Ahmad where Ahmad received part of the payment.main issue here was Ahmad had the right to sold the materials to the appellant? as state in Sale of Good Act under section 27, a person cannot sell or give what he does not have.ahmad said that he was Zeno's partnership but there was no evidence to support, federal court held that the appeal was dismissed with cost.

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Who participated in the battle of ChuLie?

The Americal Division was stationed at Chu Lai.

What is the airport code for Chu Lai International Airport?

The airport code for Chu Lai International Airport is VCL.

Where is chu lai Vietnam?

Former home of the US Army's "Americal Division", Chu Lai is about 50 miles south of Da Nang on the coast.

What location on the kham duc map is named for a female?

Chu Lai

What are the ratings and certificates for Chu Lai Yip yi Leung San Pak - 2000?

Chu Lai Yip yi Leung San Pak - 2000 is rated/received certificates of: Hong Kong:IIB

Where is Mai Lai located?

Near the northern border of II Corps; near the AO of Chu Lai; which was that particular outfit's AO (Area of Operations).

Was agent orange used in chu lai?

I was stationed at Chu Lai for a while during 1967 and I have pictures of the C-130's spraying the defoliant agent orange over the village next to where I was stationed with the Americal Division

Did 312th Evacuation Hospital earn Presidential Unit Citation 68-69 Chu Lai Vietnam?


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