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Q: Did David Thompson work good with native people?
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It is good people not good laws that make a nation?

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What reasons did Andrew Jackson give for supporting the Indian removal act how did he compare the Indian removal to death in what sense was Jackson's attitude intolerant?

To put it bluntly Jackson felt that the only good Indian was a dead one. He built his reputation on killing native Americans and there were many who agreed with him. The US policy towards the Native Americans was one of discrimination and it was apartheid at it's very worse. The Indian Removable Act moved native people off of ancestral lands so settlers could take the land or the railroad go through. Moving people to reservations meant that they were unable hunt, and unable to live within reasonable means. It was death and Jackson was intolerant in his attitude to Native Americans.

Why did early Georgia colonists work to maintain good relations with native Americans?

the colonists wanted to help defend themselves against spain

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