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For him is for the people learn about role in life , to be a good citezinship of our nation

people say that , good people is a god laws of our nation.

In may case people saying good manner is good for our self , if you are this you are a good citezinship of our nation, im proud of you guys to become good people our nation .. according to here , my documentation to become a good man apply our go0al in life

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Q: It is good people not good laws that make a nation?
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How does a representative government work?

People vote for others to speak for them, and make decisions for the good of the colony. Today, we vote for people to makes laws for the good of the community, state, or nation.

Why the government make laws?

To control how people behave, for the common good.

What is the main function of the Legislative department?

The primary function of the legislative branch is to make laws.

How did kamehameha make good laws before the unification of Hawaii?

he made good laws by making good laws

Which branch of the federal government has the greatest power?

The legislative branch of the government has the most power. The members of it are elected by the people and they make laws that govern the nation.

The republican government based on the common good of all people?

Yes,!that was the ideal. That with the common consent of the people that they would elect people to represent them to make laws for the common good.

What term is used to the number of people that make up a nation?

Which term refers to the number of people that make up a nation

Name three ways in which the powers of the US are divided.?

There Divided By Who Will Make The Laws? Who Will Make Sure The Laws Are Obeyed? Who Will Make Sure Laws Are ''Good Laws''?

What are our US laws based on?

the collective beliefs of the people who make the laws.

What might happen if the president were the only person to make enforce and interpret the nation's laws?

probably a monarchy

What laws would you pass to make people more equal in America?

The government have to make laws that are equal.

Can the US make laws on the validity of Nigeria customary marriage?

No. The US, nor any other country, has authority to write laws for a different sovereign nation.