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probably because he was from Massachusetts and he believed in equal representation.

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Yes, as a smaller state, Delaware would benefit from equal representation for each state.

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No, he supported the Virginia Plan

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Q: Did Delaware support the New Jersey Plan?
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What are the middle colony?

New York, New Jersey, Delaware and, Pennsylvania

Does New Jersey plan favor for Delaware?

The New Jersey plan does not favor Delaware. When the United States Constitution was being drafted in 1787, the New Jersey Plan was an option proposed by William Paterson, a New Jersey delegate. The Plan called for only one house of Congress with each state to have one vote in Congress instead of the number of votes being based on population. The New Jersey Plan was made as an alternative to the Virginia Plan, which provided for a central government with representation by population. The New Jersey Plan was opposed by the less populous states. The New Jersey Plan was supported by William Patterson, governor of New Jersey. Opposition was led by James Madison and Edmund Randolph (the proponents of the Virginia state Plan).

Did Gouverneur Morris support New Jersey or Virginia Plan?

Virginia plan

What are the bordering states of Delaware?

The bordering states of Delaware are Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What states were the middle colonies?

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

Did james wilson support the new jersey plan?

i think that he did NO William Patterson did

Did John Rutledge support the New Jersey Plan?

no he did not he supported the Virginia plan

What state borders Delaware to the north?

Delaware is bordered by Maryland, new jersey, and pennsylvania

Which state borders New Jersey on the southeast?

New Jersey is bordered on the north and northeast by New York; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; on the southwest by Delaware across Delaware Bay; and on the west by Pennsylvania across the Delaware River.

What states does the Delaware river touch?

New Jersey

What were the four middle colonies?

The four colonies of the Middle Colonies are Pennsylvania, Deleware, New York (and Vermont), and New Jersey.

What were the names of the middle colonies colonies?

There were New York,New Jersey,Pennsylvania,and Delaware those were the names of the middle colonies