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In myth and legend yes. In reality, most probably not

I think that's what is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry. Most probably he was killed by Norman Cavalry.


Unless a claim is absurd (such as Icarus flying on waxen wings) or is refuted by documentation or other acceptable means, it is the normal procedure to accept at least the core of an historical document or claim as made. The English shield wall was fully intact throughout the battle, including at its conclusion. The profesional soldiers of Harold, the Housecarls, remained undaunted, unbroken. It is clear that without the prior death of Harold the wall would not have failed. Barring proof to the contrary, there is no reason to doubt that Harold died as the result of an arrow penetrating his brain through his eye.

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Q: Did Harold get anv arrow through his eye?
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Where was Harold hurt by an arrow?

King Harold is supposed to have been killed by an arrow which hit his eye and entered his brain.

Who is king harald?

Harald Hardrada was the king of Norway he was born in 1016. In 1064 Edward the confessor (king of England died. Harald believed he should be king of England as well because he said that the land had been promised to his ancestors and his father. Two other men also believed that they should be king, Harold Godwinson and William the conqueror he fought Godwinson in the battle of Stanford Bridge IN 1066 but died with an arrow to the eye. Godwinson and William then battled in the Battle of Hastings.

The king of England between 1042-1066?

In 1066 the country of England was conquered by the army of William, Duke of Normandy who established himself as William I, King of England. But William was not the first king of England. The first was Egbert back in 800 AD or so and there had been 24 kings of England from then until William arrived. Remember one of William's soldiers supposedly killed the previous king, King Harold, by shooting him in the eye with an arrow. More information In the year 1066, there were four people who held, or claimed, the title "King of England." Edward the Confessor had been King since 8th June 1042, and he died on 5th January 1066. He was immediately succeeded by Harold Godwinson, a powerful nobleman from the House of Wessex. Harold claimed that Edward the Confessor had promised the Crown to him. William, Duke of Normandy, also claimed that Edward had promised the Crown to him - both claims may be true, it is possible that Edward had made the same promise to both men. In October 1066, William of Normandy invaded England and famously defeated and killed Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066. He not only proclaimed himself King, but claimed ownership of all the land in England "by right of conquest." The Wittan, an early forerunner of Parliament, claimed that Edgar the Atheling, a grandson of an earlier English King, should inherit the Crown, but accepted William as King a few weeks after the Battle. William's coronation as King William I, took place on Christmas Day 1066.

A president who was blind in one eye?

Ronald Reagan did not see well out of either eye, but I don't think he was actually blind in either eye.

The eye is considered part of what system?

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When William killed Harold in 1066 with an arrow through his eye which eye was it?

I don't think anyone knows but, the Bayeux Tapestry shows that the arrow was in Harold's right eye.

Where was Harold hurt by an arrow?

King Harold is supposed to have been killed by an arrow which hit his eye and entered his brain.

Did Harold godwinson die in 1066?

yes he did he died with an arrow through his eye

Did Harold die with an arrow through his eye?

Unlikely, he is depicted as being hacked by axes on the Bayeux tapestry.

How did Harold get hit by an arrow?

A Norman archer shot an arrow up into the sky and as Harold was running, he looked up and the arrow got him in the eye. That is how!!

Was Harold shot in the eye?

Yes, he was shot with an arrow

How did Harold get an arrow in the eye?

Someone shot him.Duh.

What is the name of the saxon leader who died from an arrow to the eye?

The Saxon leader who died from an arrow to the eye was King Harold II of England. He was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Who got a arrow in his eye in 1066?

It is said that Harold Godwinson the King of England was shot in the eye by and arrow and died , that is how the Normans won. This story comes from the Bayeux Tapestry.

Which eye did the arrow land in when Harold Godwinson was killed with an arrow?

There is no definitive proof that Harold was actually killed by an arrow to the eye. Documentation and records form the time of the battle are not explicit on the subject of how Harold actually died.

How does king Harold kill William?

Harold did not kill William. William killed Harold by shooting an arrow in his eye.

When Harold of Wessex was hit in the eye by an arrow witch Norman killed him?

Harold was not killed by the arrow but an Norman killed himm while he was lying on the floor in pain