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King Harold is supposed to have been killed by an arrow which hit his eye and entered his brain.

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Harold was hit with an arrow in his eye

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We're was it

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Q: Where was Harold hurt by an arrow?
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Where was harold godwinson hurt by an arrow?

He got heart in EnglandEngland

Where was Harold godwinson hurt by the arrow in the battle of Hastings?

Sort of. He was shot in the eye with an arrow but then tried to pull it out. He pulled most of it out but left the arrow head in his eye. Harold carried on fighting but died a few minutes later.

How did Harold get hit by an arrow?

A Norman archer shot an arrow up into the sky and as Harold was running, he looked up and the arrow got him in the eye. That is how!!

Who is the king that got an arrow in his neck?

= Harold Godwinson =

How does king Harold kill William?

Harold did not kill William. William killed Harold by shooting an arrow in his eye.

What is the name of the saxon leader who died from an arrow to the eye?

The Saxon leader who died from an arrow to the eye was King Harold II of England. He was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

When Harold of Wessex was hit in the eye by an arrow witch Norman killed him?

Harold was not killed by the arrow but an Norman killed himm while he was lying on the floor in pain

Was Harold shot in the eye?

Yes, he was shot with an arrow

How did king Harold died?

He was shot him with an arrow in his head.

How did Harold get an arrow in the eye?

Someone shot him.Duh.

When William killed Harold in 1066 with an arrow through his eye which eye was it?

I don't think anyone knows but, the Bayeux Tapestry shows that the arrow was in Harold's right eye.

Who got a arrow in his eye in 1066?

It is said that Harold Godwinson the King of England was shot in the eye by and arrow and died , that is how the Normans won. This story comes from the Bayeux Tapestry.