Did nimrod invent the bow and arrow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no. but u inventted the nimrod

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Q: Did nimrod invent the bow and arrow?
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Did leonidas of Sparta invent the bow and arrow?

no he thought the bow and arrow were for the weak and coward people.

Who invented the very first bow?

If you refer to a hunting bow, as in "bow and arrow", it goes back to Nimrod, in the Old Testament. The bow was supposed to be a gift from God, to silently hunt animals at a distance.

What goddess has bow and arrow greek?

No, Athena is not typically depicted with bow and arrow. Bow and arrow are most often depicted with Artemis.

What is the bow part on a bow and arrow?

it is the stick and the string that shoots the arrow

What is Arrow is to bow as - is to rifle?

to Bullet.

What simple machine is a bow and arrow?

what kind of symple machine is a bow and arrow

Where on the island of gust is the bow and arrow?

Sorry there is no bow and arrow on the Isle of Gust because I just beat it a while ago theirs no bow and arrow

What is bowfishing?

IT is fishing but with a bow and arrow see you tie the arrow with some string to your bow and shot the fish the the arrow.

What does Cupid carry with him?

Cupid is often depicted carrying a bow and arrow, which he uses to shoot people with love-inducing arrows.

How was the bow and arrow first invented?

they saw a bow and they saw and arrow and decided to shoot it

How do you say bow-in arrow in french?

the bow: l'arcthe arrow: la flèche

Which bow and arrow is the most rare on animal jam?

the rare raspberry bow and arrow