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Wales either wessex or Essex but he was duke of wessex

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harold godwinsson came from wessex in england

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Q: Where did Harold godwineson come from?
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When was Harold godwineson born?

Answerharold godwineson was born in1022

Was Harold godwineson and Harold hardrada brothers?


Was Harold Godwineson the king of England?

Harold Godwineson was king then William the conquer defeated him and became king of England!

Where did Harold godwineson live?


When William Duke Of Normandy Landed in Pevensey what should Harold Godwineson done?

Waited for William to come to him

How old was Harold godwineson die?


Picture of Harold godwineson?

well he was feeling sad

Did Harold Godwineson die?

Yes, as will all people.

Where did Harold godwineson die?

Stamford bridge is where he died

What did Harold godwinson like?

Harold Godwineson has long hair and a mustache he was a bulky man .

What is Battle of Hastings?

between Harold godwineson and Williams fight

Who got hit in the eye at the battle of hastings?

Harold Godwineson