Harold was on a hill

Updated: 4/28/2022
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King Harold II fought The Battle of Hastings on Senlac Hill in 1066.

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Q: Harold was on a hill
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When did Harold Hill Smith die?

Harold Hill Smith died in 1994.

When was Harold Hill Smith born?

Harold Hill Smith was born in 1910.

Who arrived at Senlac Hill first William or Harold?

I think it was Harold But not sure thou!

Who was on the hill Battle of Hastings?

king Harold was positioned on the hill (senlac hill) which is 7miles northwest of hastings

What was the name of the hill on which Harold was?

The hill where King Harold II positioned his army during the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was called Senlac Hill.

Who was on the hill at the Battle of Hastings?

Harold godwinson was on the top of the hill and William Duke of Normandy was at the bottom

Where were Harold's men at the start of the battle?

At the top of Senlac Hill

According to Professor Harold Hill what does P stand for?


In The Music Man Robert Preston was Professor Harold?


Was William at the top of the hill at hastings?

No, Harold's army was at the top of the hill, and Williams army was attacking from below.

What has the author Alfred Harold Hodge written?

Alfred Harold Hodge has written: 'A guide to historic Hill End and its environs'

Why was the Battle of Hastings on a hill?

The battle of Hastings was on a hill because Harold set up his army in that tactical position. Behind the hill was a dense wood that nobody could go through and in front of the hill the Normans would have to climb up. It was Harold's desicion. Please recommend for more answers.