Did Howard Hughes have any mental illnesses?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No no mental illnesses have evr been proven but howard robard hughes JR did go anti- nuke war in atomic city/ Vegas Nevada and setup a fund for survival with Steve Allen.His life time friend Tom slick also went anti war in the 1960`s and after his death howard setup his anti-nuclear funds while being the largest employer in Nevada.1966-1970.He even set letter to presidents while trying to stop and slow the atomic clock.He also had his own studies done but the government rejected them and Hollywood and the kichen cabinet government labelled him as crazy in the cover up as they did to all hippy like hughes`s anti-war movements in the 1960`s-70`s.We did many anti nuclear war and missiles adds on TV before the AEC commission covered us up and wrote us off the page and took over our wealth.

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Q: Did Howard Hughes have any mental illnesses?
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