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Q: Did crispus attucks have any childhood heroes?
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Did crispus attucks have any aunts or uncles?

Crispus Attucks had a sister named Phebe Attucks

Did crispus attucks have any siblings?

No he did not. There was no birth records if he did have children. No he did not. There was no birth records if he did have children.

Did Crispus Attucks have any family?

yes but latter separated

What was crispus attucks education?

There is no known record of whether or not Crispus Attucks had any kind of formal education. It is believed he may have been a slave or worked as a sea merchant. Attucks was the first person to be killed in the Boston Massacre.

Who is Cripus Attucks?

Crispus Attucks (b. circa 1723; d. 1770) Death during Boston Massacre Runaway slave turned sailor African and Natick Indian Remembered as the "First to die in the American Revolution," A poet, John Boyle O Reilly, wrote of Crispus Attucks and the Boston Massacre "And honor to Crispus Attucks, who was leader and voice that day; The first to defy and the first to die, with Maverick, Carr, and Gray. It riot or revolution, or mob or crowd as you may, such deaths have been seeds of nations, such lives shall be honored for ay."

Did crispus have any sisters or brothers?


How did Cyprus attucks become a soldier?

Cyprus Attucks was never recognize by any colony or militia as being a solider

What role did Crispus Attucks have in the Revolutionary War?

umm he like had a bunch of soilders i guess improvement : He didn't had any solders since he was pretty much a slave. He was one of the first people to die in the war, patriots, and that angered lots of people.

Did crispus attuck play any sports?

yes! football and golf

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