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it made labor more rewarding and increased standard of living

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Q: Did industrial growth contribute positively or negatively to society?
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How have new technologies affect or influence society either positively or negatively?

Nice cheat, essay or something right? ;)

How flash drives have affected your society positively and negatively?

Positively to be able to sucessfully transfer information without the help of the internet. I'm not really aware of any negatives?

How do web designers contribute positively to society today?

Website Designers contribute positively to society, by making websites more accessible, to others or others who have a certain disability, such as poor eye sight, in which the Web designer would have to, consider all ways in which there could be to help that individual, Thank-you

How did Watson and Crick affect society negatively or positively?

They affected it positively, because we wouldn't know what we know today! We wouldn't know that DNA is like a spiral staircase and how it works with the complementary base pairs.

If you are a lesbian whst is your contribution to the society?

As a lesbian you can pursue your career and contribute positively to the society. One's contribution is not affected by the sexual orientation.

What are the Important Variants of Industrial Society?

socialist industrial society.

What did billy the kid contribute to society?

why did billy the kid contribute to society

When was Society of Industrial Engineering created?

Society of Industrial Engineering was created in 2002.

How the role of a teacher changed from the pre industrial society to industrial society?


In what ways did president bush sr impact society positively?

President Bush Sr impacted the society positively by fighting the use of drugs.

Did government in the Byzantine Empire influence society positively or negatively?

The main impact which the Byzantine Empire has had on the modern societies of many eastern European countries is the spread of Orthodox Christianity by Byzantine missionaries.

What is a responsibility of being a member of a society?

A responsibility of being a member of a society is to contribute positively to the community through ethical behavior, following laws and regulations, and actively participating in civic duties such as voting and volunteering. It also involves respecting the rights and well-being of others within the society.