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Q: Working class in an industrial society?
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What two classes emerged in the European society in the industrial revolution?

Burgoisies The well-to-do and the poor (Apex)

What did engles observe as he visited an English industrial city?

Engels observed the harsh living and working conditions of the working class in English industrial cities, including overcrowded housing, poor sanitation, long working hours, and low wages. He highlighted the exploitation and misery faced by the working class in capitalist society in his book "The Condition of the Working Class in England."

Which was a result of the Industrial Revolution in England during the 19th century?

The structure of society changed to include a growing working class

How did the social Darwinist and members of the social gospel movement differ in their views of individuals in industrial society?

Improving conditions for the working class

What has the author William A Westley written?

William A. Westley has written: 'Work and industrial relations in a mass consumption society' -- subject(s): Consumers, Industrial relations, Working class

How is the development of sports as a social institution an outgrowth of industrial society?

The growth of industrial society led to an increase in urbanization and free time for the working class. This allowed for the emergence of organized sports as a form of entertainment and recreation. Sports also served as a way to promote discipline, teamwork, and competitiveness, mirroring the values of industrial society.

What is the Connection between the Industrial Revolution and Karl Marxs Communist Manifesto?

During the industrial revolution, factory workers, owners and merchants created a class system. Believing that the class system was unfair, Karl Marx wrote his manifesto detailing the uprising of the proletariate (or lower, working class, mostly from industrial factories) therefore destroying the bourgeoise (upper middle class) and the class system altogether. Also, the main purpose of all members of a communist society is to work industrially for the good of all of the community- this explains why communism is meant to work best in an industrial society.

What class rises greatly in power during the Industrial Revolution?

The middle class was the one that rises greatly in power during the Industrial Revolution.

What percentage of society did the working class make up?

The percentage of the working class in society varies depending on the country and time period. Generally, the working class has traditionally made up a significant portion of the population, often comprising the largest segment of society.

Which class not only grew during the Industrial Revolution but also suffered because of poor working and living conditions?

The working class

The role of working class women in the second industrial revolution?

to have kids

The people who lived in tenements in industrial cities were part of?

working class