Do People Make Clouds

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In art (paintings, 3d modelling, etc.) but real life clouds? Nah, the sun and atmosphere do that.

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Q: Do People Make Clouds
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Why would people would make clouds?

You could make clouds out of cotton balls. Because they want to

What chemicals do people throw in the clouds to make it rain?

Silver iodide or potassium iodide are often used to seed clouds and induce rainfall. These chemicals help to create nuclei around which water droplets can condense and form clouds, which eventually leads to precipitation. Cloud seeding is typically done by aircraft or ground-based generators.

Is a step in the process of cloud formation?

black people make clouds- dats it

What is a step in the process of cloud formation?

black people make clouds- dats it

What clouds make a dark day?

rain clouds

Why do people in dry countries are happy if they see clouds in the sky?

The clouds can block sunlight and make it less hot/ dry and may be signs of rain soon to come.

Can you make sentences with the word clouds?

I saw big clouds yesterday

Why are we not seeding clouds to make rain in this drought?

There is no way for us to make clouds rain when we want them to. If we could do that then we would not be worried to much about it being to dry, we would just make it rain. Why can't seeding the clouds make them rain ?

What kind of clouds can you make shapes with?

You usually see shapes in cumulus clouds.

Do cirrus clouds make rain or snow?

Cirrus clouds don't precipitate.

What are miscellaneous clouds?

Miscellaneous clouds are clouds that are not normally well-known by name. The general types of clouds most familiar to people are cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and nimbus clouds. Some types of miscellaneous clouds include mammatus clouds, noctilucent clouds, and nacreous clouds.

Why do people stay home when clouds are dark?

e when the clouds are dark because people expects heavy rain.