Do you want a chocolate lab?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do you want a chocolate lab?
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Can a chocolate lab give birth to a black lab?

it depends on what type of dog you breed your chocolate lab with.

What group is the chocolate lab in?

In the American Kennel Club, the chocolate Lab is in the sporting group.In the Kennel Club, the chocolate Lab is in the gundog group.*Different kennel clubs have different classification for the chocolate Lab and other dog breeds.

Is the name Carly a good name for a chocolate lab?

Yes that is what I named my Chocolate Lab.

How can you get a chocolate lab in Nintendogs chihuahua?

you cant. you need to make a combination to get a chocolate lab

When was Chocolate Lab Records created?

Chocolate Lab Records was created in 2008-07.

Which are the common ingredients required to run a successful chocolate lab?

The common ingredients to run a successful chocolate lab would be chocolate, a kitchen, pots and pans and flavors or nuts to add to the chocolate in the lab.

Can a chocolate lab female and a chocolate lab male produce all black puppies?


What kind of chocolate is chocolate lab made out off?

I am a secondary school teacher and one of my favourite topics is the chocolate lab. I know it sounds funny, but in fact chocolate lab is made out of white chocolate chocolate and a little milk chocolate. It is safe to eat (and delicious!) Hope my answer helps.

What is the genus of the chocolate lab?

the chocolate lab is a breed of the domestic dog Canis lupus. therefore, its genus is canis.

How do you design a cool webkinz chocolate lab room?

For my chocolate lab, I decorated it in the candy themed furniture from the wshop.

What breed is the smallest chocolate labs?

Chocolate labs are the breed itself. If you wanted a smaller dog, you would want a female dog because they tend to be smaller. However, almost all chocolate labs are male. To get a smaller dog I would go with a black lab or a yellow lab.

What is the chocolate labs phylum?

A chocolate lab's phylum is Chordata.