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Yes. Alabama is north of the western Florida panhandle, and east of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Q: Does Florida share a border with Alabama?
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Who does Florida share a border with?

Alabama and Georgia.

How far is Florida to Alabama?

Florida and Alabama share the same border for a short distance.

Which two states share Alabama's eastern border?

Georgia and Florida share Alabama's eastern border.

How many states does Florida share border with?

Florida borders on Alabama and Georgia.

What States share the border North of Florida?

Alabama and Georgia

What states share Florida's border to the north?

Georgia. Alabama. Louisiana.

What states share a common border to the State of Florida that are West of the Mississippi River?

The only states that border Florida are Georgia and Alabama. No states west of the Mississippi river border Florida.

What states border Florida?

Alabama and Georgia

What states share a border with Georgia?

Alabama, Florida, Tennesse, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Does Alabama share a border with Mexico?

No. It limits the US states of Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi.

What states share the border with Georgia?

Tennessee and North Carolina border GA on the north.

How many miles from Alabama to Florida?

That would depend on your starting point and destination since they share a common border,