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No, she does not. She got pregnant at 39 but miscarried after two and a half months and was unable to become pregnant after that.

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Q: Does bonnie Tyler have children
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Who was the president who had the most children?

John Tyler had the most children, 15 at that, with only two wives!

Did Julia Gardiner Tyler have children?

Yes she did.

Who is the First president to be widowed and remarried?

After the death of William Henry Harrison, John Tyler became the 10th President of the United States of America, and he was the first president to be widowed and remarried. Tyler's first wife was Letitia Christian Tyler, whom he had 8 children with, and she died in the White House in September 1842. Tyler then married a second time. Tyler's second wife was Julia Gardiner Tyler, with whom he had 7 children with .

Did John Tyler have any siblings?

Children: Mary Tyler (1815-48); Robert Tyler (1816-77); John Tyler (1819-96); Letitia Tyler (1821-1907); Elizabeth Tyler (1823-50); Anne Contesse Tyler (1825); Alice Tyler (1827-54); Tazewell Tyler (1830-74); David Gardiner Tyler (1846-1927); John Alexander Tyler (1848-83); Julia Gardiner Tyler (1849-71); Lachlan Tyler (1851-1902); Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1853-1935); Robert Fitzwalter Tyler (1856-1927); Pearl Tyler (1860-1947)they are also debating if John Dejee was also John Tyler's sonJohn Tyler married 2, with his first wife, they had 8 children and with his 2 wife, they had 7 children but if John Dejee is his son, then he had him with another woman that he did not marry.

Who was the first president to have children?

First president- George Washington and Martha did not have any children between them but Martha had a son and daughter by a previous marriage. Both children died young. Second president- John Adams was the first president to have children. One of his children John Quincy Adams also became president.

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