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Kashmir, Organised by kanishka

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Q: First Buddhist council was held at?
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Where was the first Buddhist Council in India held?


The fourth Buddhist council was held where and during which reign?

kashmir (first century A.D.)

When was first Buddhist conference held?


Where was the First Vatican Council held?

The First Vatican Council was held in Rome, Italy in the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

What council was held in 381 AD?

The first Council of Constantinople.

In which location did Constantine convene the first Ecumenical Council?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe first Ecumenical Council of the Church was the First Council of Nicaea, which, unsurprisingly was held at Nicaea as Councils are named after the town or location where they are held.

What county was Vatican I held in?

Vatican Council I was the first Ecumenical Council to be held at the Vatican in Vatican City which is an independent country.

Where was the council held that put the Roman Catholic Church doctrine in writing for the first time?

The Council of Trent was held in Trent , Italy .

What was the patron of the second Buddhist council?

The second counsel was held in Vaiśālī, so the patron would most likely have been the ruler of that city's region.

Where was the first religion council was held in?

The first ecumenical council of the Christian Church was held in Nicaea in Bithynia (present-day Iznik in Turkey) by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in A.D. 325.

Where was the Council of Jerusalem held?

The Council of Jerusalem was the Church Council held at Jerusalem.

What ruler held the First Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe first Ecumenical Council of the Church is usually thought of to be First Nicaea held in 325. The Emperor Constantine begged the bishops to hold it.