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I had this question on homework and I think it's land.... But not quite sure.

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Q: Formal pledge in feudal contract
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What was exchanged in the feudal contract in the medieval times?

the person with lower authority would pledge infallible loyalty and military service and in exchange the higher authority would treat the other as he so deserved

What were homage and fealty associated with?

the feudal contract

What are the differences between a simple contract and a formal contract?

simple contract cane be formed as verbally or as writing whereas formal contracts can only be formed as writing.

What was part of vassal's obligation under his feudal contract?

work the fields

A formal agreement enforceable by law?

i think it's a contract

What are synonyms of covenant?

promise, contract, agreement, commitment, arrangement, pledge, pact

What was the chivalric code and how did it manifest itself in feudal society?

The chivalric code was a code in Feudal society that nobles adhered to. The chivalric code was essential in Feudal society because it made the feudal contract meaning. Part of the code was being honest and breaking a feudal oath was unacceptable socially.

What is a promise or pledge to something or someone?

Several words have something similar to this definition. Oath, vow, pledge, profession, and contract are all examples of words with this meaning.

What was the peasant feudal contract?

No, serfs did not take part in a feudal contract. They were born into their station in life, and there was no need to obtain the promises required for feudalism from wholly free people. The serfs had a measure of freedom, but they were bound to the land legally.

Is donation a contract?

No, a donation is, by definition, a gift. There is also the possibility of a "pledge", which is a promise of a future donation. Some pledges may be enforceable if they are obtained in exchange for a benefit. For example, "pledge tonight and get a copy of the video", would be an offer to enter into an enforceable contract.

Why is the king on the top of the feudal system?

There is one major error here: the Catholic Church, while structured as a hierarchy, is not an example of the feudal system.The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, and the formal leader of the Catholic Church.

What is a formal contract?

It is an agreement between the chicken and the tender.