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Twice. In 1840, whig candidate WH Harrison had a Democrat, John Tyler, as his running-mate. In 1864. Republican Abraham Lincoln had Democrat Andrew Johnson on his ticket. Both men later succeeded to the Presidency, and all sorts of political shenanigins resulted.

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The president and the vice-president run as a team and are both nominated by the same party. Voters are not able to cross-over and vote separately for the two offices. This is because they are really voting for electors who are pledged to vote for one of the party slates. (Before the 12th amendment was ratified in 1804, the presidential candidate with the second most votes was made vice-president, so John Adams and his vice-president Jefferson were bitter political opponents . Not a good thing, hence the amendment.) Despite this amendment, if the election were to go to House to decide because no one got a majority of electoral votes, the Senate would pick the vice-president. If the two houses happened to be controlled by different parties, it is possible that the president and vice-president would once again be from different parties.

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I believe so as long as the President chooses that person to act as their vice president.

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Every presidential candidate from 1800 on, has had a running mate. After the fiasco of 1800, the 12th amendment virtually guaranteed that each candidate would have a running mate.

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Q: Has there ever been a president with a running mate from a different political party?
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