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The "opinion of the Court" is synonymous with the Court's decision. The Opinion gives the verdict and explains the reasoning behind the decision reached. The privilege of writing the official opinion falls to the most senior justice in the majority group, or to the Chief Justice if he voted with the majority; this person may choose to write the opinion, or may assign the task to another member of the majority.

If the justices who voted against the majority wish to issue a unified dissenting opinion, they decide amongst themselves who will author the opinion, then the others, if in agreement, will "join" the opinion.

Individual justices may write their own opinions, regardless of whether they agree with the majority. Justices may also "join" or sign any other written opinion they agree with. This generally strengthens the opinion.

All published opinions except for Per Curiam decisions may be used as precedent in future litigation.

For more information about Supreme Court opinions, see Related Links, below.

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Q: How are US Supreme Court written opinions assigned?
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Why are the opinions of the supreme important?

Well the opinions of the supreme court are really important. They can tell if your guilty or not.

What is assigned to each Supreme Court Justice?

court of appeals

What is the term for the decrees of the US Supreme Court?

US Supreme Court decisions are called "Opinions."

What is the name of a US Supreme Court decision?

US Supreme Court decisions are called opinions.

Where can you read about the opinions of the supreme court?

On the internet.

What is the last written by Justise Thomas?

Justise Thomas is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. His most recent opinions would be in cases heard by the court, which are publicly available on the Supreme Court's website.

What is the US Supreme Court's verdict called?

The US Supreme Court's decisions (or verdicts) are called opinions.

Where can you find conflicting supreme court opinions on multiple amendment related cases?

I need to find a supreme court case based on the second amendment and write an essay contrasting two Court Justice's opinions.

What is a justice on the supreme court does not agree with major opinions?


What do Supreme Court justices do after reading the written brief?

The opinions are given to the Reporter of Decisions to prepare a bench opinion for public release, and announced and/or read in open court. Within a few hours of the announcement, the bench opinions are published online and in booklet form as slip opinions.

Why are the Supremes court opinions in cases as important as its decisions in those cases?

Well the opinions of the supreme court are really important. They can tell if your guilty or not.

How many formal written decisions has the Supreme Court made per year?

The US Supreme Court issues fewer than one hundred full opinions per year, but the exact number varies. 2009 Term.............currently 81 cases argued or scheduled for argument or reargument (originally 85) 2008 Term.............83 2007 Term.............70 (3 cases dismissed before arguments) 2006 Term.............75 2005 Term.............87