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A universal religion is one that has adherents around the globe. Ethnic religions are usually those limited to a certain geographic location whose followers are a specific people (ethnicity).

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All religions are universal at birth, but become ethnic when practiced by certain social groups who understand and apply it in a specific manner. All religions have some universal and eternal spiritual teaching which are not subject to change, and some social aspects, dogmas and traditions that are secondary and subject to change in a different day and age and settings.

As communications have reduced distances between cultures, humanity will have to abandon social laws that are no longer relevant to modern life before the universal aspects of each religion become once more apparent.


Ethnic religions are based on supremacy along with greed for wealth and power. Most religions that are built around Kings and leaders are oppressive and tyrannical. Those that are built on righteousness, equity and humility are the only ones capable of unification.

All denominations of Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam are the most oppressive and vindictive religions of the world as all historic evidence would prove.

The Tibetan, Jain and Buddhist belief systems were the most tolerant and unifying religions of the world.

@ A2, perhaps we need to clarify the word "religion". Ethymogically, "religare" means interconnecting people with a common set of values. To my understanding, all religions have an essential spiritual content like justice, love and tolerance, truthfulness, generosity, faithfulbness, etc which are universal and eternal, and a set of social laws adapted to the needs of a specific society at a given time and age. Then as society advances and the social laws become obsolete, traditions and practicies and power/profit making additions are introduced that are alien to the original pure message and which contradict the original spiritual message. We cannot blame Christ for the inquisition, nor Muhammad, Krishna or Buddha for what some fanatics are doing today.

What you seem to call "religion" is the set of tarditions and dogmas which i consider as human additions to the pure original message from God.

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Universalizing religions vs Popular Culture: -They both include the majority of people.

-They are both aimed at general masses of people.

-They are not focused on one certain area.

-They both celebrate different forms of ceremonies or traditions.

Ethnic Religions vs Folk Culture:

-They both are contained in specific areas.

-They are not interested in spreading their customs to everyone else.

-They are both a minority.

-They both are generally conservative.

I hope this helps. This is what I answered for a homework assignment.

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They both spread by diffusion.

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Q: How are the differences between universalizing and ethnic religions similar to the differences between folk and popular culture?
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