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I would suggest checking the website of the Dixie Gun Works in Union TN, they have a large selection of parts for new and reproduction muskets. Whilst waiting for them to ship the part I might suggest making your own from quarter inch round brass stock with a tapped short peice of half inch oak dowell for the head. Works for us in the 54 MA USV (Colored)

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Q: How can I replace the ram rod for an 1816 type II flintlock musket?
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What type of gun did George Washington used to fight?

Flintlock musket

What Type of sniper rifle in the movie wanted?

It's a modified flintlock musket with some type of scope and tripod assembly mounted to it.

Where can you find parts for an 1831 Springfield?

Just what is an 1831 Springfield? That could be marked on a model 1816 US flintlock musket, Type II or Type III. You will have a hard time finding parts, but you might check internet site like or You might have a chance of finding some at a large gun show.

Type of musket used by soldiers during the revolution?

The musket of choice was the .69 Caliber, model 1766 Charleville flintlock musket which represented the State of the Art in military firearms. The US Model 1795 musket was a direct knock-off of the French weapon with production of about 150,000 weapons produced at Springfield and at Harpers Ferry.

What is a light flintlock musket called?

A flintlock firearm uses a springloaded hammer with a flint attached to strike against a hinged steel plate in order to shower sparks into a shallow pan filled with a small amount of black powder in order to ignite (shoot) a weapon. They were originally invented in Germany in the middle 1600's and were the standard military weapon (musket) from that time until about 1830 when they were replaced by the percussion Cap system. The flintlock musket is the weapon prominent in the American Revolution and the Napoloenic Wars. Usually loaded through the muzzle with tha aid of a ramrod, a slow and cumbersome process.

What type of musket is older than the flintlock musket?

There were matchlocks before flintlocks. They used a slow burning string, something like a fuse. The "hammer" held this in a clamp and when the trigger was pulled the lit "match" touched the priming powder in the pan (with any luck) firing the gun.

What type of gun did Miles Standish use in the military officer?

At the time of Miles Standish, the standard firearm was a large caliber matchlock musket. This used a slow smoldering length of cord (the match) to ignite a powder charge, and was replaced by the flintlock. This is a link to an article on the matchlock musket-

What type of guns used in 1769?

Mainly flintlock smoothbore muskets, with a few flintlock rifles. There were also flintlock pistols and "fowling pieces"- shotguns.

Did pirates had guns?

Yes, flintlock type

What type was the fist gun?

flintlock rifle

Will Assault rifles ever be over shadowed by a new type of weapon?

That would be a pretty safe bet. The matchlock musket was replaced with the flintlock, which was replaced by the cartridge rifle, replaced by the repeating rifle, replaced with the semi auto rifle, and so on. But the next major change is likely to be in the type of ammunition used.

What was the main type of firearm in the civil war?

Flintlock or cannon type weaponry.