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a two thirds majority vote in both chambers of congress

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A presidential veto can be over turned by a 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress.

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Q: How can a presidential veto can be overridden?
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Can the president curb congressional power?

Yes, the president can veto bills. However, a presidential veto may be overridden.

What legislative body can override an American presidential veto?

Congress can override a presidentil veto with 2/3 (60%) of a vote calling for it to be overridden ...

First president whose veto was overridden?

John Tyler was the first to have a veto overridden.

How many congress override a president veto?

To override a President's veto Congress needs to have 2/3 or more of the vote.

How can a presidents veto be overridden by congress?

A president's veto can be overridden by Congress with a 2/3 majority in the House. If it is a pocket veto though, the veto cannot be overridden.

How does the veto power differ between the president and vice president?

The president has 100% veto power and can shut down anything.The vice president has 3/4 veto power. A vice presidential veto can be overridden by a 75% vote of the house or senate.

Who First president Veto was overridden?


Can the president of the US veto bills?

Yes, they can. However their veto can be overruled by by a two-thirds vote in each chamber of Congress. Historically, fewer than 10% of presidential vetoes have been overridden.

What act curbing presidential military muscle?

The War Powers Resolution was the act that was intended to curb presidential military muscle. Nixon vetoed the act, however, the veto was overridden by the U. S. Senate.

Are the majority of Executive Vetoes in the US overridden?

No, it takes a 2/3rds majority to override a Presidential Veto. It can be difficult to get that kind of support, particularly if the parties are at odds over it.

What can congress do in the case of veto?

Congress can take a revote. If the bill passes a two-thirds majority, the the veto is overridden. If it does not, the veto stands.

Veto Power of The President of the Philippines?

The veto power of the President of the Philippines is similar to the power of the United States President. The President can veto a bill, but the veto can be overridden.