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Without the transportation then there wouldn't be anything to ship to other places which will make it hard to trade. That would be very bad for the industries growth. Without any electricity then there would be no machines to make industry. The only way would be my hand which would take a lot longer. Lastly, without communication then there would be no way to contact people about sales, or trading, or anything of that sort. and them's the facts.

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Q: How can electricity communication and transportation facilities indicate the potential for industrial growth?
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What is electricity mainly used for the most?

Electricity is mainly used for lighting, heating, cooling, powering electronic devices, and running industrial machinery. It plays a crucial role in modern society by enabling communication, transportation, and manufacturing processes.

What does industrialization do for communication and transportation?

Industrialization does so much for communication and transportation. Through industrialization, these two sectors are revamped and improved so as to support the industrial processes.

Which event in Europe was instrumental in the improvement of communication and transportation in the Philippines?

industrial revolution

Why were advances in transportation and communication important to the Second Industrial Revolution?

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How was the world before electricity?

Before electricity, people relied on candles, oil lamps, and natural light sources for illumination. Transportation was mainly by horse and carriage, and communication was slower due to the lack of telephones and internet. Industrial processes were powered by steam engines and waterwheels.

What is industrial base?

Industrial base is the location where industries are located for positional advantage viz., proximity to ports, uninterrupted supply of power, water, infrastructural facilities for smooth transportation etc.

What are the ways in which electricity is used?

Electricity is used for various purposes, including lighting, heating, cooling, cooking, running appliances, powering electronic devices, and operating machinery. It is also essential for transportation, communication, healthcare, and industrial processes. Overall, electricity plays a crucial role in modern society, enabling a wide range of activities and services.

When did they start using electricity?

The widespread use of electricity began in the late 19th century. The first electric power plant was built in the 1880s, and by the early 20th century, electricity was being used for lighting, transportation, and industrial applications.

What are practical uses of Electricity?

Electricity is used for a wide range of practical purposes including powering lights, appliances, and electronic devices in homes and businesses. It is also essential for industrial processes such as manufacturing, transportation systems like electric vehicles and trains, and communication networks like the internet. Additionally, electricity is increasingly being used in renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines to provide sustainable power sources.

How was transportation in industrial?

Transportation in the industrial sector has been and still remains essential. Most of the process and machines rely on various transportation technologies in order to function.

What were some of the advantages the the north had over the south?

A formed government recognized by foreign governments. A stonger military and Navy More industrial facilities and resources Greater population Greater lines of transportation

Where is electricity being used?

Electricity is used in various sectors and applications worldwide, including residential homes for lighting and appliances, commercial buildings for running offices and businesses, in transportation for electric vehicles and public transportation systems, and in industrial sector for machinery operation and production processes. Overall, electricity is essential for powering modern society and enabling economic growth.