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It can turn people against each other via various reasons whether its a fear of death for example the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel one of the jews at the work camp had beaten up his own father to death for a piece of bread, his own father i know right how cruel but yet the fear of the son dying had turned him against his own father. Fear does turn people against one another.

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Q: How can fear turn people against each other?
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What did Frederick fear would result from John browns raid?

People would retaliate against other abolitionist leaders.

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No: It depends on people not fighting each other. Breath holding is not reccomended on this one.

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knowing what he didnt fear...I would say nothing!Gandhi did not fear violence or death. He feared that the Indians would react with violence, and that they would be violent against each other. That is why fasted twice, to stop the violence FROM the Indians.

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· xenophobic - dislike or fear of people from other countries

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People could still attack each other without fear of punishment

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President Woodrow Wilson feared that the war would turn Americans against each other, because most Americans were born in other countries, including countries in Europe. Many of these foreign-born Americans supported the country they originally were born at which caused many conflicts against many Americans whose countries were enemies.

What did Frederick Douglas's fear would result from John Browns raid?

NovaNet- People would turn away from the abolition movement

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There has not yet been a technical term documented for such a fear.

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